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Our 10 most popular posts of 2017


The most read pieces of the year on Financial Technology Laboratories social media.Virtual Bond Trading Assistant

A FEW trends emerge from the list of the ten most-read posts of 2017. The theme of artificial intelligence remains top of mind for our readers; predictions for the future of fixed income markets, and technology’s impact on e-trading platforms. There are a few articles that were on the list from our own blog that highlights how to select a bond calculator vendor and AI’s impact on fixed income marketing including our own virtual bond trading skill, BondTrack. The top post, however, is how e-trading is picking up the pace in the corporate bond market.

We enjoy bringing you information that you find relevant in our industry and look forward to serving you with impactful information in 2018.

  1. E-trading picks up pace in corporate bond market – Latest research from Greenwich Associates shows electronic trading continues to grow as providers add data and analytics tools to draw in investors.
  2. Regulators Can’t Keep Up With Wall Street’s Robot Invasion – The technologies revolutionizing Wall Street have left Washington regulators playing a perpetual game of catch up.
  3. How Does Artificial Intelligence Apply to Fintech? – Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making unending waves, both positive and negative.
  4. Big data touted as next key to unlock fixed-income trading – Data analytics firms could be one of the prime beneficiaries of poor liquidity in fixed-income markets, as investors look for new tools to help them trade bonds in meaningful size.
  5. Sebi issues new framework to deepen corporate bond market – Liquidity in secondary market for corporate bonds will be increased by minimal number of ISINs.
  6. 10 bold predictions about the financial advice industry’s future – InvestmentNews invited its 40 Under 40 winners to a think-tank event in New York in June called “The Future of Our Business by the Future of Our Business,” sponsored by Fidelity Investments.
  7. Muni-Tech And E-Trading: Opportunities And Considerations For Investors – Perhaps proving the law of unintended consequences, the best-ex rule gave a boost to municipal e-trading platforms.
  8. Trading places: How automation technology is changing the trading floor – How technology is fundamentally altering the face of trading against an unconventional market backdrop.
  9. Looking for a bond calculation library? – Qualifying and selecting the right vendor will help to minimize your overhead costs. Check out these important factors to consider before making a decision.
  10. In pursuit of the virtual bond trading assistant.  Amazon provides another tool in the trader’s tool chest that will continue to evolve and grow as the technology matures – just as the computer services that are used today have matured and become ubiquitous.