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Case Study: Investment in Employee Health Pays Dividends
Case Study: Investment in Employee Health Pays Dividends

This investment management firm with more than a dozen locations across the country was interested in expanding its internal wellness initiatives by implementing a well-rounded wellness program for its employees.

The company wished to engage a high percentage of employees in wellness initiatives to help maximize productivity in a fast paced environment. Employees are dispersed geographically across the nation in different times zones and job functions range from administrative staff and sales to remote employees and highly compensated investment professionals.

Under Wellness Workdays’ direction, a number of different wellness programs were implemented — from screenings, assessments and wellness challenges to educational webinars, flu shots and walking challenges. Wellness Workdays successfully engaged more than 65% of employees in wellness programming, which centered around areas of high importance to the various locations. The investment in employee health paid off for the firm.



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